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Perimeter Security

Properly securing the network perimeter is a challenging task in modern network infrastructures. Modern networks must support a large array of devices and applications that are not always developed with security in mind. For instance, Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become prevalent and may expose an organization's network infrastructure to malicious attacks.

The prevalence of cloud infrastructures, remote offices, and mobile users extends the network perimeter beyond the enterprise network, across multiple physical sites, and into end-users' home networks. Properly securing the whole perimeter is even more challenging today.

In this challenging environment, our team of highly skilled engineers can provide solutions for maintaining a high degree of resiliency and security while also supporting modern-day applications and services.

Integrated IPS/IDS

Application Awareness

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Ease of Management


Traditional enterprise networks have maintained an open access policy, allowing anyone with physical access to a building to access the network. However, the distribution of networks across different physical sites, the prevalence of wireless networks and the integration of IOT devices require a stricter and more flexible approach to network access.

Network Access Control (NAC) provides means for authentication and authorisation at the network level. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) provides means of user authentication and authorisation, irrespective of the user's physical location. Both NAC and ZTNA allow organisations to reduce the risks associated with unauthorised user access and ensure that critical network assets are accessible by trusted users only.

Our security engineering team can assist customers with the deployment of NAC and ZTNA solutions to their existing network infrastructures.

Wired Access

Guest and Secure Wi-Fi

Device Administration



Modern security infrastructures generate a large number of log events, from many different information sources and spread across numerous systems, that can be difficult to follow and analyze by even the most experienced teams.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) make this process even more challenging, as their sheer complexity means event entries can be distributed across multiple devices. Correlation across different events is essential for the proper detection and mitigation of security incidents.

Our team can assist customers in deploying and configuring Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions based on industry-standard products. Good visibility is essential for maintaining a high level of security resilience.

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Endpoint Security

The prevalence of cloud infrastructures, remote offices, and mobile users extends the network perimeter beyond the enterprise network, across multiple physical sites, and even into end-users' home networks. The increased attack surface is even more challenging to secure.

Our team can assist customers with the deployment of modern endpoint security solutions, that can detect and block security threats, while providing great visibility, better control, and automation capabilities to security analysts.

For instance, End-point Detection and Response (EDR) solutions allow for improved detection of security threats across end-point devices and are independent of the physical location of the user.

Risk Compliance

Data Protection

Email & WEB Protection


Threat Intelligence

Modern day threats, such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), can be extremely challenging to manage and detect by even the most experienced security analysts. Threat actors may be supported by governments or criminal organisations that have considerable resources at their disposal, generating advanced threats that are difficult to detect and block without access to proper threat intelligence data.

Threat intelligence feeds provide Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that can help organizations with the detection and mitigation of advanced security threats. Security Analysts can rely on such feeds to automate threat detection and mitigation.

NPS Consult S.A. partners with leading industry threat intelligence labs to provide our customers with advanced threat management solutions, adapted to the modern threat environment.

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