Network Services

Enterprise networks facilitate fast and reliable connectivity for endpoints, users as well as applications. The modern world dictates demand for segmentation with high security for users' access, at the same time increased mobility for both wired and wireless connections. Network administrators require enterprise networking solutions that provide a single pane for monitoring, policies, and endpoint footprint, and also network automation frameworks that simplify operations.

NPS provides a rich set of wired and wireless network services that will help you to access your infrastructure, estimate improvements, or build a new solution meeting your requirements. We work with cutting-edge enterprise technologies to deliver reliable and flexible network solutions for your organization.

Network Design & Architecture

Analyzing requirements and developing accurate design is a key component in any network journey. NPS provides wired and wireless design services based on traditional and modern network technologies.

Network Implementation

Our engineers carry end-to-end network implementations of any size and complexity, starting from physical installation and cabling to software configuration. Post-implementation testing is also performed to confirm network readiness.

Network Migration

Migration of network infrastructure, particular components, or services. very often becomes a complex operation with high risk for organizations. NPS offers migration services where we perform proper planning and ensure maximal availability.

Network Audit

Very often organizations require to perform network audits to comply with industrial standards or best practices. NPS offers a wide range of audits covering many technologies and fields.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is an important piece of IT services for organizations. NPS has great experience in developing flexible and self-adopted monitoring per customer needs and environments based on open-source and market products.

Network Automation

In order to save time and optimize daily operations, companies onboard various automation tools, workflows, and platforms. NPS can help you to analyze the business requirements, and find the best solution that will bring the real ease to your day-to-day work.

Network PoC Showcases

If you want to try out or discover capabilities of new IT solution, we are able to run Proof of Concept/Value activities or build a Lab setup for testing and showcase.

Wireless Implementation

NPS performs the implementations based on developed or agreed designs for wireless solutions, including the physical installations for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Wireless Migration

If you need to refresh or move your wireless network NPS can help you to put in place proper planning with documentation, and perform migration activities ensuring zero or minimal downtime.

Wireless Site Survey

If you need to improve your current wireless infrastructure or you plan to build a new Wi-Fi network, a wireless site survey is something you need to think of. NPS performs all types of surveys and consultancy based on results.

Knowledge Transfer & Trainings

Nowadays more and more new IT products appear on the market. Organizations often need to adapt and train their teams to operate new solutions. NPSs' highly skilled engineers provide effective and engaging training with hands-on labs and real-life experience sharing.

Support Services

Organizations can offload their network IT infrastructure operations fully on NPS. We follow industry practices and frameworks to manage the networks. We also offer 24/7 on-call services to support on a per-incident basis or scheduled maintenance works.