Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Data Centers have special requirements for networks to facilitate services, storage, and processing of applications and data. We provide DC designs with advanced features like overlay networking and automation that support a rich set of data services connecting everything from VMs, to containers, and bare metal applications. The use of NMS empowers to have a single pane of glass management, visibility, and ease of operations.

Centralized Management

Ease of Troubleshoting

Automation & Consistency

Overlay & Virtualization

Network Services Solutions

The network is impossible to run without services like DNS, DHCP, NTP, and others. Our team has wide experience in deploying services based both on open-source and enterprise-class products. We also provide design for an important piece of today's data centers - the load balancer that helps to ensure the redundancy and scale-out capabilities for applications.

Reliable Design

Flexible Configuration

Ease of Management

Supportable Solutions