Network solutions

Enterprise Network Solutions

We have wide experience in designing and implementing modern Enterprise networks, that meet all nowadays requirements for security, automation, monitoring, redundancy, and segmentation. In our history, we have dealt with the size of the network from single buildings up to MAN-size networks, with classical 3-tier architecture or collapsed core, and L2 or L3 access.

Our enterprise solutions are powered with the Network Access Controller (NAC) which allows for achieving access layer security with granular macro & micro-segmentation and automated policy assignment.

For automation and monitoring, we implement Network Management Systems (NMS) which drastically reduce OpEx and increase response time in the event of failure. We use best-class technologies from different vendors.

Access Security

Automated Policies

Health Monitoring

Macro & Micro Segmentation

WAN Network Solutions

In today's world, it is important for organizations to interconnect their geographically spread branches or LAN networks into one big WAN network.

NPS works with various technologies to achieve VPN tunneling of traffic like GRE, DMVPN, VxLAN and uses IPsec protocol for securing the traffic on the way. We provide designs that allow connecting branches in any location in the world with any transport using routers and firewalls.

Nowadays, connecting networks to cloud providers is a common requirement. Our engineers have wide experience in this area and work with the most popular providers.

Transport Independent

Location Independant

End-to-End Security

Cloud Ready

SDN Solutions

Software-Defined Networking is a trending approach last decade in telecommunications. Although it brings a lot of benefits to organizations like simplification, automation, and optimization, still high-skilled engineering is required to develop an accurate design that doesn't create new obstacles but really will bring value.

Our team has extensive experience in delivering end-to-end SDN solutions for both brown and greenfield scenarios, as well perform smooth migrations from traditional technologies. Interconnection of multiple SDN domains, the so-called Multidomain approach, is also something our team able to do.

Faster Scalability

Policy Management

Greater Realibility

Application Aware