Security Services

Providing security in the modern-day environment is a challenging task. The network perimeter is extended and can encompass several physical sites and cloud environments - all the way to end-users home networks. Remote working has become prevalent. Modern networks must support a wide array of services and applications and must be able to be adapted quickly to new requirements and security threats. Modern-day threats have become much more advanced and can target any organization.

Our team is able to deliver an array of security services that can assist customers in evaluating the state of their security environment and taking proactive necessary measures in order to improve their security resilience. We support a wide range of security solutions from various vendors and can assist your organization during its integration into your environment.

Security Consulting

Our team is composed of engineers and consultants that have a solid understanding of modern security technologies while also keeping track of modern-day security threats and vulnerabilities. Our customers can benefit from this experience by purchasing on-demand security consulting services.

Security Audits & Assesmnets

Maintaining a solid and resilient security architecture is a challenge in an ever changing business environment that must support a large array of applications and services in an evolving threat landscape. Performing regular audits and configuration reviews is ever more important in such a challenging environment. Our consulting team can ensure that your infrastructure is properly maintained and your configurations are secured properly following industry standards.

Vulnerability assessment

Maintaining an up-to-date picture of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may be affecting your infrastructure is key to achieving a high level of security resiliency. Our vulnerability assessment services can help customers to maintain an accurate picture of security vulnerabilities in their most exposed assets. Furthermore, our customers can benefit from an in-depth report that provides insight into prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities during remediation.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing allows for the evaluation of an environment's security resilience from the perspective of an attacker. More thorough than vulnerability assessments, penetration tests can provide a realistic insight into security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Our team can perform network and wireless penetration testing engagements.

Security Integration

Modern security infrastructures have to meet many challenges in order to maintain a high-security level. We can provide a host of security integration solutions and support a wide range of vendors of security products. Our team can assist you in designing and deploying a security infrastructure that is tailored to meet today's challenges and security threats.

Support Services

Support on a 24/7 basis for security applications and appliances.