Enterprise networks are the historical core business of NPS Consult. From simple installations for 20 users, up to installations of 415+ switches are part of our history. We work with various vendors, various types of networks (LAN, WAN, VPN, DC), and network approaches - traditional and SDN.

The security team of NPS Consult is able to deliver robust security solutions from various security product vendors that are tailored to respond to modern-day threats and are able to increase the security resilience of organizations.

Applications are the business currency in a new era of innovation. As demand for digital services continues to soar across an increasingly powerful but also complex multicloud world, organizations need to compete on the experiences their apps deliver. NPS Consult is helping them turn multicloud complexities into opportunities to deliver innovative digital experiences from a seamlessly operating cloud environment.

Traditional data center infrastructure aches to keep up with the speed of business needs. All-cloud environments are not cost-effective for all types of workloads. Multicloud infrastructure allows organizations to maintain a hybrid cloud environment that enables a combination of security and cost savings at the same time. The most security-focused workloads are kept in the private cloud while running regular business data and apps in public cloud networks.