Data Center Services

Data Centers nowadays is a core component of IT infrastructure for organizations, for some, it is even the core of the business model, that's why it has strict requirement for availability, redundancy and security.

NPS team has wide experience in designing and implementing modern data centers' architectures that are combining network, computing, and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared applications and data. Moreover, we deliver design important network services which usually reside in DC like Load Balancer, DDI, NTP as well as DMZ layer with enhanced security.

Data Center Design & Architecture

NPS works with industry-recognized technologies and makes sure that customer requirements are fully satisfied with proper design.

Data Center Implementation

We deliver green or brownfield DC implementation with all sets of required documentation and preproduction testing.

Data Center Consulting

Our engineers have a solid understanding of modern DC design and technologies. Customers can benefit from this experience by purchasing on-demand data center consulting services.

Data Center Migration

Migration of DC network, components, or services with close to zero downtime - this is something our team can do for you.

Support Services

Support on a 24/7 basis for data centers' networks, applications, and services.