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Open Source guidance with NPS Consult

The Open Source ecosystem is huge and contains tons of software. The NPS Consult team has great and long experiences with mature software like Linux distributions and OpenBSD and can propose efficient solutions based on them.

Linux i
s well known by everybody.
It is versatile and can be used to set-up appliances in network and also security areas.

OpenBSD police
OpenBSD logo
Though OpenBSD can be used on laptops, its reputation has been built by years of evolutions in network operations and in security mechanisms. OpenBSD is a very small operating system compare to some others but includes in its base everything you need to operate as a network switch, router, firewall, load-balancer, VPN tunneller or more. The whole operating system is being developed by the same expert team and it guarantee you a coherent approach and design.

More and more companies fund the OpenBSD Foundation which is a proof many IT professionals recognize the benefit and the quality of OpenBSD for their own business.

The NPS Consult team can help you to find the best solution for your needs and advise you on the more appropriate product. Commercial products are the de-facto solution for some projects but Open Source products are a good challenging one for some other projects.