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Network Security


In today's world, business and organizations rely more than ever on advanced computing systems to perform their duties. Even organizations that traditionally operated with minimal computing assets today have large networks that interconnect a plethora of systems together.

Data Storage, Network Connectivity and Mobility – the challenges in front of every business

The main goal a modern business faces, regardless of its size and available resources, is to provide and secure data storage and transfer while increasing the mobility of its staff.

Computing devices hold an incredible amount of important business data- customer records, bank accounts, industrial, intellectual property.


Increased Risk

The increase of points of access to the corporate data and the new technologies used, brings new challenges from a security point of view. Partners, providers and producers are not within the control of the organization and may be used by malicious attackers as a bridge for accessing corporate data.  

... attacks are on the rise…

Attacks against computing systems are constantly on the rise and there are no indications that such attacks will stop or decrease in the future.


No single security system, service or technology can provide complete protection of an organization's computing assets while safeguarding valuable data vital for business operation.


Technical solutions that come with the promise to prevent and deter all kinds of attacks with the installation of a single black box are mostly vaporware designed to provide a false sense of security.


List of Services 

NPS Consult is a leading provider of security oriented services in Luxembourg and the grand area. Our customized approach allows us to work closely with each customer by adapting the tests to the customer's particular needs and selecting the services that will be of most benefit for the business environment.

Penetration Testing

We provide a solution for realistic evaluation of an environment's exposure to real world threats. The testing services are tailored to be as close as possible to real attacks. During an intrusion test, our professionals attempt to penetrate the security protections of the target environment using methodologies, tools and techniques employed by real attackers  to identify any security weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Network Penetration Testing

The ultimate goal of a network penetration test is to breach the network's security defenses while identifying security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the specific network services. We offer a detailed report of the finds together with a list of recommendations for the amelioration of the security of your systems.


Web Application Penetration Testing

The goal of a web application penetration test is to objectively measure the level of exposure of a target web application(s) to common and uncommon security threats by executing a realistic attack scenario.


Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless network penetration tests assess the status of a company’s wireless environment. The tests are targeting not only the company’s own network but also the existing or possible internal or external unauthorized access.

Vulnerability Assessment

NPS Consult provides a solution for the identification of common security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a customer's computing environment by the use of a number of assessment tools and methodologies. The resulting list of security weaknesses is analyzed by our experts and all security vulnerabilities are verified and validated before being included in the final report.


Network Vulnerability Assessment

The goal of a network vulnerability assessment is to discover vulnerabilities on the customer’s network through scans, using high performance assessment tools. The investigation result, published in the report, contain the level of risk associated with the network components of the customer’s environment.


Host Vulnerability Assessment

Each system, even the most complex, is composed by individual hosts. In order to evaluate the entire customer’s computer environment, a number of target hosts are investigated with the help of vulnerability assessment tools.


Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Each business or organization invests heavily in web applications to support their core duties and services, and as such web applications are of crucial importance for the overall security of every business and organization. The Web application vulnerability service is a set of automated tests performed by scan and analysis tools, selected among the best on the market.


Wireless Vulnerability Assessment 

Wireless systems, being part of almost every network, present a specific risk for the security of the system. Therefore, a specific set of tests, using specialized tools and detailed technology knowledge must be used for the wireless vulnerability assessment.



Network Design Assessment

An important part of any site’s security is the network design. Constructional faults are easily exploited by knowledgeable attackers. The network design assessment service we offer evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your network and delivers a list of recommendations to implement in order to ensure the architecture of your network follows the best known practices.


Security Policy Review

Security Awareness

It is widely known (?!) that any security measure is useless if the users of your system are not aware of the risks they face and the best practices of safe usage of all ... We organize security awareness courses for your employees.